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“A new act on the liability of collective entities – how can a company minimize the risk of being punished”

On behalf of Pułka i Partnerzy Radcowie Prawni sp.p. we invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to hold at your seat, in a previously agreed convenient time, lasting about two hours, a free meeting “A new act on the liability of collective entities – how can a company minimize the risk of being punished”.

Legislative works regarding the act on the liability of collective entities are coming to an end. The bill provides for, among others, extending the liability of collective entities, resignation from the requirement of prior conviction of a natural person. The sanctions provided for in the bill include, for example, the ban on promotion and advertising, the prohibition of applying for a public procurement contract, the prohibition of concluding contracts of a specific type, or very high fines in the amount from 30,000 PLN to 30,000,000 PLN (and in some cases even 60,000,000 PLN).

During the meeting we will try to answer, among others, the following questions:

  • what procedures should be implemented by each company in order to minimize the risk of being inconsistent with the new act?
  • what is the meaning of compliance in the company?
  • what sanctions must be taken into account by those who will not comply with the new regulations?
  • how to assess the customer credibility?
  • can we be punished on the basis of new regulations for “deeds” from the past?

The invitation to participate in the meeting is directed to:

Members of management boards, directors / managers and employees of departments: internal control, compliance and internal audit.

Person leading the meeting:

Anna Pułka – PhD in law, legal adviser, partner in Pułka i Partnerzy Radcowie Prawni sp.p.; holds the Certificate of the Compliance / Compliance Officer Specialist.

Anna Pułka has many years of experience in legal consulting for domestic and foreign investors, in particular in the construction and automotive industries. Many years of work at Ernst & Young and cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers allowed her to gain experience in the field of projects concerning various legal issues, including company restructuring, due diligence reviews, legal services for investment processes and creation of compliance systems. She specializes in serving German-speaking clients.

She graduated from the Postgraduate Studies in Law and Economy of the European Union at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Wrocław and postgraduate studies in compliance at the University of Economics in Wrocław.

She led and participated in many conferences, trainings and workshops related to the legal issues in practice.

Organizational information:

Meetings will be free. They will take place at the premises of our Clients.

The specific date of the meeting will be determined individually. Any company wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to organize a meeting is invited to contact:

Lucyna Chudy
phone number +48 71 344 34 30 or mobile phone +48 725 992 610
Pułka & Partnerzy Radcowie Prawni sp.p.
Rynek 60, 50-116 Wrocław.


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We organize training courses and workshops which suits our client’s needs as for the scope of the issues covered, time and the place of the course.

The workshops are addressed to all the companies and are aimed on getting acquainted with the revolutionary changes to the protection of personal data.

Training addressed to all producers and service providers who, as part of their business, sell goods and / or services to consumers and / or other entrepreneurs and provide the quality guarantee for these goods / services.

This training is directed to all entrepreneurs realizing investments or cooperating in them, where construction services contracts and special engineering services contracts are concluded on the basis of model conditions of contract VOB (Normalized rules of commission and execution of the construction services).

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