Ordinary shareholders’ meeting in limited liability companies

Aug 31, 2021

An annual shareholders’ meeting shall be held within six months of the end of each financial year.

The following matters shall be resolved by the annual shareholders’ meeting:

  • examination and approval of the management board report on the operations of the company and the financial statements for the previous financial year;
  • adoption of a resolution on distribution of profit or coverage of losses if, these matters have not been excluded from the scope of powers of the shareholders’ meeting; and
  • acknowledgement of the fulfilment of duties by members of the company’s authorities. The above mentioned provisions shall apply to all persons who acted as members of the management board, supervisory board or auditors’ committee in the last financial year.

Members of the company’s authorities whose mandates expired prior to the date of the shareholders’ meeting shall have the right to participate in the shareholders’ meeting, inspect the management board report and the financial statements together with a copy of the report of the supervisory board or the auditors’ committee and the certified auditor, and present their opinions in writing. The request in respect of exercising the above powers shall be filed with the management board in writing no later than one week prior to the shareholders’ meeting.

An annual shareholders’ meeting may also verify and approve financial statements of a capital group within the meaning of accounting regulations, and matters other that those specified above.


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