Overview of Regulations and Procedures

We would like to offer you a review, conducted by our law firm, of the regulations / procedures in force in your company, selected by you from the list below:

  • Work regulations,
  • Remuneration regulations,
  • Regulations for the use of cars in the company,
  • Internal anti-mobbing policy,
  • Regulations on the company social benefits fund,
  • Regulations on the storage and destruction of documentation, Code of Conduct.

In every company, all documents defined as regulations, policies or guidelines are of key importance. Their possession is often enforced by the applicable regulations, but it does not change the fact that they must be a transparent information for your employees.

Due to the constantly changing legal regulations and your internal corporate requirements, these documents require periodic reviews in order to adapt them to the abovementioned changing requirements.

  • As part of the review, we will offer you:
    • changes adjusting a given document to the currently applicable regulations,
    • changes adjusting a given document to your wishes notified to us in writing,
    • our proposals for changes, based on many years of practice, aimed at optimizing the content of the analyzed documents in relation to your company’s specific activity.
  • The result of our analysis will be:

A proposal for changes to a given regulation / procedure, prepared in the form of an annex to a given document. This will simplify the implementation of the abovementioned changes.

  • The result of our analysis will be communicated to you:

Within 21 days from the date you provide us with a complete set of documents that make up the regulations / procedure currently in force in your company which are subject of the analysis.

  • If, in your opinion, the proposed changes require modification:

Within the next 14 days from the date you provide us with your opinion in writing (including e-mail), we will provide you with an appropriately modified draft of the annex referred to above.

In case of any questions or doubts, we remain at your disposal.

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