We deal with complex issues related to keeping the current economic activity, as well as with enhanced projects such as mergers, acquisitions and investments. In terms of major tasks and projects, the realization of which we have advised, special attention deserves the experience gained in the following undertakings:

legal and tax service concerning infrastructure investment projects financed from the European Union funds;

conducting legal due diligence appraisal on behalf of Polish and foreign investors;

legal service in transactions of share acquisitions, real estate acquisitions and purchase of an enterprise, realized by Polish and foreign investors;

legal service on mergers realized by foreign investors in various sectors;

supported establishment and transformations of a few dozen commercial companies, as well as branches and representatives offices on behalf of foreign entrepreneurs in various sectors;

legal service of Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meetings in companies with limited liability/General Shareholders’ Meetings in joint-stock companies in investment processes and current activity of companies;

provided strategic legal and tax advise to leading Polish producers of bricks and tiles, explosive materials as well as to a producer of electronic bundles;

representation of entrepreneurs in proceedings before the Office for Competition and Customers Protection.

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