Employee Capital Plans

May 8, 2019News

We would like to remind you that from 01.07.2019 the first group of entities (those that as at 31.12.2018 employed at least 250 employees) will be subject to the Act of 04.10.2018 on employee capital plans (PPK).

Implementation of PPK requires:

  • the preparation of the organization with regard to internal procedures,
  • the conclusion of an employee capital plan management contract
  • the conclusion of a contract for conducting the employee capital plan.

It should be remembered that the choice of the financial institution with which the employee capital plan management contract will be signed is made by the employer upon consultation with the trade union. If no trade union is active in the employer’s establishment, the decision requires consultation with the representatives of employees. If no agreement is reached one month before the date on which the employer is obliged to conclude the management contract, the employer chooses the financial institution, with which the management contract will be concluded, by himself.


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