Again, changes in the labor law

Jun 26, 2019News

On 04.05.2019 the Act of 21.02.2019 implementing the GDPR came into force.

The Amendment refers to over 160 legal acts, among which the most important for each employer are the labor code and the act on the company social benefits fund.

These changes oblige to prepare and implement changes with regard to, among others:

  • the content of the regulations in force at the company, including the work regulations and the regulations on the company social benefits fund and the rules relating to the collection of personal data, e.g. persons receiving benefits from the company social benefits fund,
  • relevant templates of employment contracts,
  • recruitment processes in terms of the scope and form of data collected from applicants,
  • the rules for video monitoring and recording of personal data conducted by the company with the use of monitoring devices.

There are no transitional provisions in the Amendment, apart from the exceptions that are irrelevant to the abovementioned issues. Therefore, employers should take into account the fact that from 04.05.2019 they must meet the requirements under the Amendment in order not to expose themselves to sanctions.


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